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POWER!, a progressive thinking professionals network designed to enrich the surrounding region, was created in response to the continual loss of youth in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region. As the Stay Invent the Future Initiative states, "Pennsylvania continues to lose some of its brightest progressive thinking people whether they our own or whether they are new progressive thinking business people moving into our community." The facts prove that something needed to be created in order to reduce the amount of progressive thinking professionals that were leaving.

By using other Pennsylvania based progressive thinking professionals organizations as guides, POWER! was created through the Great Valley Technology Alliance to provide more recreational and networking opportunities for the progressive thinking population in the region. POWER! members meet on a regular basis to give progressive thinking professionals an opportunity to voice their opinions and solutions about the region in a casual, peer-oriented atmosphere.

POWER! is also a great way to find new jobs, new employees, or even new friends. Many of our members own their own business and take advantage of the POWER! mailing list to reach new prospective customers. If you are a recent graduate or just trying to find a different career path, you may find the lead that you were looking for at the next "POWER! Outage", which take place each month at local bars/restaurants. And if you are new to the area, POWER! can make your moving transition easier for you. Take advantage of the happy hours and other events throughout the months and in no time you will make many contacts and new friends.

If you enjoy volunteering for local charities then POWER! is the appropriate group for you. In the most recent months, POWER! and its members have contributed their help to Habitat for Humanity, the American Heart Association, VISION as well as a Celebrity Softball game against the Mayor of Wilkes Barre to benefit Kirby Park. Other opportunities for more volunteer work are being planned everyday!

So whether you are looking for a new job, new friends, or just something new to do, POWER! can help you. We are composed of volunteer members who are dedicated to making the region a more dynamic place and who also share a common vision of keeping our best and brightest progressive thinking professionals in our region.